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Lime Out VI floating taco bar Hansen Bay, St John, US Virgin IslandsLime Out VI

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Are you looking for some fun .. perhaps a mini adventure? Do you enjoy sun, saltwater and hanging out, toes in the sea? Enjoy a refreshing bite to eat and an island cocktail with a name like Dielan’s Lemonade, Harbor Cooler or a blue agave tequila infused with Thai chilis named The Danger? Well, we’ve got the perfect destination for you! Lime Out St John floating bar! This aptly colored bar and kitchen has two sides – one serves paddle-up patrons while the other is reserved for boaters. Chef Amaro Rivera prepares mouth-watering tacos and fun and funky island drinks to guests!

Get to know before you go. Here’s our interview with Chelsea Baranowski, wife of owner-partner-Lime-Out-brain-child, Richard Baranowski.

What’s the name mean?

We originally were going to go with Lime Time but that was already taken in the Virgin Islands by another LLC. Lucky us, though, because now we own Lime Inn in Cruz Bay and Lime Out on the other side of St. John. “Limin” is an old Caribbean phrase meaning to relax and chill out, “Where is the lime? means Where is the place to be? And considering we think that our bar ‘out’ on the water is the place to be, it worked out.

Meet the people behind this fun and funky floating bar?

Owners are Dane Tarr, Richard Baranowski, and Dylan Buchalter. Wives, Chelsea Baranowski and Val Tarr are also a large part of the team as is our Chef Amaro Rivera, and our graphic designer and social media guru, Cynthia Swan. Barring our Chef, the other teammates grew up on St. John, Dane, Richard, and Dylan, all grew up in Coral Bay.

Richard is a lifelong resident (besides a 14 month world tour with his wife, Chelsea) whose parents moved to Coral Bay in the 1970’s from Chicago. He has 2 young boys, Atherton Danger and Mako James, whose names, along with their buddies are the inspiration for the names of all of our cocktails. Richard also runs the Lime Inn with wife Chelsea, also a life-long resident of St. John.

Dane Tarr came to the Virgin Islands aboard a sailboat in his early teens and has been spent his life on the water, as a yacht captain, ever since. He now resides on St. John, once again, with his wife, Valerie, and their 6 month old, Aksel (also adorned on our cocktail list).

Dylan grew up in Coral Bay, and spent many years traveling and working in the hospitality industry. Being a part of Lime Out and managing the day to day operations keeps him very busy, but now he gets to be home on St. John with his family close by.

Lime Out is Richard’s brain child and has been plotted in full detail for the last couple years. Dane and Dylan jumped onto the mission over a year ago, seeing the value in a restaurant that could cater to local USVI tourism.


Where are you be located?

CORAL BAY – Southeast side
(see directions at the end of this article)

What’s on the menu?

Craft cocktails and delicious tacos. You can find our menu by clicking for our Facebook Menu page.

Here’s a sampling from their current menu:
Ceviche Taco
, Green Curry Taco, The Vegan Taco, Rum Ribs Taco .. even a Surf + Turf Taco w/short rib, blackened shrimp, feta cheese, locally grown Josephine’s micro greens and avocado.

Here’s a sampling from their current craft cocktail menu:
The Danger, Thai chili infused blue agave tequila, fresh watermelon juice, fresh lime juice and pineapple syrup! Mako Jumbie w/Cruzan light rum. Mudda Tucker. Aksel Rosé. Harbor Cooler – a refreshing mix of gin, cucumber infused soda and fresh lime juice. Wiley’s Whiskey – Jack Daniels®, soursop pureé and fresh lime juice. Dielan’s Lemonade. Flip’s Grapefruit Margarita and Hunter’s Passion w/ Cruzan mango rum!

How can guests find you?

Stay up to date by following us on Facebook and Instagram, physically, we will be on the eastern side of Coral Bay.
Directions, map and contact information at the bottom of this article.

What should people know before they go ….?

We ask that guests do not swim to the boat. We are located about 100 feet offshore, so we ask that you reach us by vessel, be it paddle board, kayak, or dinghy. We have a floating bar for you to sit at once you arrive or you can get your cocktails / tacos delivered or pick them up yourself !
And yes, we do take credit cards ; )

Want to visit Lime Out VI?

Location: Coral Bay, St John
Drive Time: 20-30 minutes ( from Cruz Bay )





Visiting Lime Out VI floating Bar:

Since early 2019 Lime out has been accessible by boat only.  Some charter companies that do Lime Out trips.  Flyaway Charters VI offers 2 hour trips and great rates on 1/2 and full days out of Coral Harbor, Salt Deck has great deals and 1/2 day options. Cruz Bay Watersports does group trips from the Westin Hotel. Voodoo Charters is doing special Lime Out trips Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. There are a number of amazing private charter boat captains, including Island Roots Charters ,  that will bring you to Lime Out for tacos on a day charter.


Lime Out is designed for a relaxing time on the water, but we can’t enjoy tasty tacos and the Caribbean Sea without making sure all patrons are safe!

Some rules to keep us all safe :

Swimming around Lime Out : the area around Lime Out is a mixed use zone. There are boats coming in the channel, people on paddle boards and kayaks, and swimmers. Swimming from your boat any distance further than a couple yards is not recommended. Swimming across the harbor’s channel is not allowed and is very unsafe.

Driving vessels around Lime Out : operate vessels at a no wake speed in the harbor, and please use utmost caution when in Lime Out’s vicinity

Anchoring : Anchors can be some of the most detrimental impacts to our ocean floor. Lime Out is looking into solutions to reduce / get rid of anchoring around Lime Out and in the USVI. If you are anchoring you MUST anchor in the sand. There are areas of seagrass and coral around Lime Out, and these must be avoided at all costs.

Surrounding Mooring Balls : There are plenty of private mooring balls around Lime Out that are not approved for use, please don’t assume those mooring balls are for day use. Please do not anchor in Saunders Gut area, it has a thriving sea grass bed.


Anchoring in sand is crucial anywhere you may be landing for a snorkel before and after Lime Out. It is always beneficial to snorkel a reef before anchoring to make sure the environment below is anchor-friendly. There are many bays surrounding Lime Out and Coral Harbor that are protected or contain sensitive environmental elements. Please take this into consideration when spending your day on this end of our beautiful island.

Drive slowly and cautiously around the South and East End shores as they are popular snorkeling and kayaking destinations.

And please, there is no anchoring allowed ever in Hurricane Hole, it is a National Monument.

Connect with Lime Out VI via Facebook | Instagram | email

Cover photo by Dane Tarr. Gallery images by Cynthia Swan and Sarah Swan.

Where To Stay

Part of Lime Outs charm is it’s remote location. If you’re looking for an escape from a hectic pace and connected lifestyle – consider staying in and around Coral Bay. You’ll find some of the best snorkeling nearby. And Coral Bay restaurants, shops and bars are winding 15-20 minute drive away. If that sounds like your kind of vacation – check out these Direct-with-Owner/Manager vacation rental listings: St John Coral Bay Vacation Rentals.

Editor’s Note:
Frequent visitors to St John might remember the popular Angel’s Rest floating bar, that sat off this same beach in Hansen Bay. It was a popular attraction serving up generous rum cocktails and cold beer. Sadly Angel’s Rest floating bar was lost during Hurricane’s Irma and Maria, 2017. The owner, Peter Hoschl , has decided not to rebuild her.

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